Basilica di San Giovanni Laterano in Roma.

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Moon-day ... 20 August 2019
I AM in love with this place and its meaning ...

Greetings ...

    My name is Giovanni A. Orlando ... and I am offering this New Look of my Website ... for a more direct contact.

    I am a Bi-Laureate in Mathematics ... First time in Caracas, Venezuela and second time in Università degli Studi di Bologna, in Italy ...

    I work on Software Development for over 30 years ... until I get a somehow 'Call' ... in Caracas ... to Jump into the New Age Wagon ... Honestly this call and 'invitation' is from Saint Germain ... presenting to me his books ... The first was in September 1997 ... 'The Magic Presence' (YO SOY La Magica Presencia) and then recently in 2007 ... 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ... which invite me like a Heaven Call to engine a Complete Set of Courses ... to propose the 'Archangelical Science' ... or Arcane Science of the Heavens ... for the New Age.

     After Six Years ... from 2008 ... many changes I have lived and books I have published ... The Panorama is Vast ...

     I have revealed the Book of Revelations and now I am working to propose a better 'Practical' view of the Universe that Professor Einstein offered 100 years ago...
     Stay in touch ...
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

PS. Sometimes I recover important books and add to my Book Collection: 'Forgotten Science and New Age' ... but just sometimes ...



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  1. FT Calendario Lunare (Italiano): 30 December 2013
  2. FT Lunar Calendar 2014 (English): 2 November 2013
  3. The Science of Getting Rich: 09 August 2013.
  4. Las Cuatro Estaciones de Manuela: 27 May 2013.
  5. New Age Vocabulary: 26 January 2013.


  1. Saint Germain on Alchemy - Third Edition: 8 Dec 2012.
  2. 443 Questions and Answers about New Age touch Third Ed.
  3. Il Libro dell'Apocalisse spiegato dall'Arcangelo Michele, Arcangelo Gabriele Sanat Kumara e la Famiglia della Luce: Il Ritorno di Gesu - 14 Lug 2012.
  4. Shakespeare and the Bible: 09 Feb 2012.


  1. El Secreto de los Andes: 30 Oct 2011


  1. The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Ligh: 15 Aug 2010
  2. 443 Questions and Answers on New Age: 1 Apr 2010.


  1. The Art of Build your Personal Operating System: Sep 2004. 


25/08/2019: Sun-day

  Il Calcio è soltanto una bassa misura di litigio tra parti.
Non esiste il Calcio in Cielo ... ma tu gioca ⚽ ...
Senza imbrogliare ... 


21/08/2019: Jupiter-day


  L'Amata Clara ... Santa Clara riusci nella moltiplicazione del Pane ... come l'Amato Gesù ...


15/08/2019: Jupiter-day

Just a drop of "really Good" ...
Just a Good word can calm a Tempest.
Few incense can clean the Atmosphere and remove Evil ...

Bits of God ... can destroy tons of Evil ... because Good=Light is extremely stronger than Darkness.

Who will win the Battle? ...
Archangel Michael will not retire from the Battle ... He have not fear
He is a commander.
A Warrior do not fear the War ...

"I never attack ... because I am wise ... I defend for those who are not Wise"
    -- Zeus.

There was a moment ... I, Giovanni(John) feel all my Brothers and Fathers ... and Sisters ... and they in a second told me in my Mind:

"We remember you and always love you ... Brother".

That was one of the most exalting moments of my life ... I am sure, I will meet them in person again ... and I love them all ... all the Olympians.

... To you ... my brothers on Earth, I Giovanni say ... "Pray the Gods, like you call them ... Pray your Old Fathers ... They know you ... love you and them they will never abandon you. Do not pray Rich or Clowns ... but the Gods and Queens ... Mary, Jesus, Zeus, Apollo (the new King) ... them all".

25 Man cannot bargain with God. 26 Nevertheless, Cosmos is far more ready to give every good and perfect gift to man than man is ready to receive it. 27 The problem, then, lies not in the ocean that is filled with pearls, 28 but in the diver himself, 29 who must be willing to acknowledge the presence of the treasures of heaven in the cosmic depths-treasures that heaven intends man not only to discover but also to possess.

30 By incorrect attitudes, men have kept themselves from the kingdom of heaven. 31 They have sought through magic and, unfortunately, 32 even through witchcraft to win for themselves that which could be obtained on a permanent basis only by willing submission to the will of God, 33 to his intents and his purposes.

34 How long will men deceive themselves? 35 How long will they prevent themselves, 36 by their fears, from surrendering to the living purposes of God? 37 It is as though they would not relinquish their money to the merchants in the shops until they held in hand the
intended purchase.

-- Practical Alchemy. 💜


14/08/2019: Mercury-day.
The Only "sensitive" content on my Twitter account is ...
"The Truth" ...
The Only
                                                          conten is the
                                                          Truth ...

Il Vero problema della Politica sono "I Politici".

There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth!
 -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.☝️

Dr. Jung consider he can heal your Soul ...

Take a look ... 👓 ...

Some Important Books ...

                                          Secreto de los Andes
443 Questions and Answers
                                          on New Age
New Age Vocabulary

Forgotten Books
Shakespeare and the Bible
Saint Germain on Alchemy
The Science to Getting

The Art of Building your
                                          Personal Operating System ...

Las Quatro Estaciones de
                                        Manuela ...